Abstract deadline

The Abstract deadline for Invited, Oral or Poster is by 09 Feb, 2019
and the notification of acceptance is by 16 Feb, 2019.



Abstract template Download: (Click to download below )

Abstract template  (Click to download) (Regular Oral): 15 min

Abstract template (Click to download) (Poster)



Abstract Preparation

  • Abstracts shoudl be preapred using the CCMR Abstract template.
  • Please submit your abstract as an email attachment to ccmr.general@gmail.com
  • Abstracts with as many figures are encouraged (No page limit) while it is also acceptable without figures.
  • Word file ONLY acceptable for the editorial purpose – No PDF can be processed.
  • Please get rid of the BLUE words in the Abstract template.
  • Plase choose the correct type of abstract template: Regular Oral or Poster.


* Abstracts from Invited Speakers are already accepted with the invitation.
* The acceptance notifications will be sent to those attendees with the regular Oral and Poster presentations.



Full Paper Submission 

Authors of accepted presentations are invited to submit their full manuscripts for publication reviewed as journal articles . The followings are possible publishing titles:






<Note for full paper submitters>

FormatPlease prepare the manuscript in a general scientific journal format including the ‘title, author list, abstract, introduction, experimental, results & discussion and conclusion.’  After the full paper submission, committees are going to make decisions on which journal  they should be assigned. (Authors can make a suggestion on which journal  they wish to publish.) Once, a decision is made, a guideline on how to prepare and submit will be directed to the corresponding author(s).

Review Process: After the journal assignment by the committees, a regular review process with two or more referees is going to be rendered.

* Full papers should be received by email prior to the conference (before 31 May, 2019).

Email us: ccmr.general@gmail.com