CCMR Best Poster Award


We are very proud to announce the recipients of this year’s CCMR Best Poster Awards recipients for their outstanding poster presentations.

The CCMR Best Posters was selected by the invited speakers during the poster presentation session. Invited speakers were given a number of stickers that they can attach to the posters that they wished to support. The more sticker-received were selected as winner(s).

Thanks to the invited speakers who have supported the selection process!



CCMR Best Poster Award (BPA) 1st place

Two-photon Polymerization of Smart Bioinspired Hydrogel

Zhen-Sheng Zhao 

Laboratory of Organic NanoPhotonics and CAS Key Laboratory of Bio-Inspired Materials and Interfacial Science
Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry
Chinese Academy of Sciences



CCMR Best Poster Award (BPA) 2nd place

Co-assembly of peptide/nucleic acid

Youngsun Kim 

Department of Chemistry
Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia



CCMR Best Poster Award (BPA) 3rd place

Fabrication of AZO-SnS2 inverse opals heterojunction with high photoelectrochemical performance by atomic layer deposition

Hu Weiguang

Graduate School of Energy Science and Technology
Chungnam National University
Daejeon 305-764
South Korea



CCMR Best Poster Award (BPA)


Award includes:

The awards, given to the CMR Best Poster Award (BPA) winner(s), include:

• Award certificates

• Cash awards of various amounts (between 500,000 ~ 100,000 KRW)

• The winner(s) might be granted with a short speaking opportunity during the Conference Banquet to receive the award.


To Whom Applicable:

Poster Presentation Speakers


Selection & Announcement:

The CCMR Best Posters will be selected by the invited speakers during the poster presentation session and winner(s) will be announced accordingly.