CCMR Image Competition

CCMR Scientific Image Competition  (SIC)

Deadline: 15 April 2019


Award includes:

This award, given to the CCMR Research Image Competition winner(s), includes:

• An award certificate

• 500,000 KRW Cash

• Featured on the cover of the conference program book and website

• The winner(s) might be granted with a short speaking opportunity during the Reception or Banquet to receive the award.


Who can apply:

All the speakers who give an invited, oral or poster presentation.



The submission deadline for the Collaborative Conference on Materials Research (CCMR) ‘Research Image Competition’ is 15 April 2019.

If interested, please send your images to the CCMR 2019 General Office at

(1) A graphic/photo image (resolution 5184 (x) × 3456 (y) above & at least 300 PPI/DPI)
(2) Title of image with an abstract in less than 200 words
(3) Author(s)’ names



• Graphic(s)/photo(s)/image(s) that are related to research topics and must be generated as a result of research.

• Each applicant can submit up to 3 graphic(s)/photo(s)/image(s).

• Each graphic/photo/image should be accompanied with an abstract in less than 200 words, which explains what the image shows and how it relates to the research.

• Any application outside these parameters may not be considered for the competition.

• Print quality JPEG or TIFF files (resolution 5184 (x or y) × 3456 (y or x) above & at least 300 PPI/DPI)

• Aesthetics suitable for cover design.

• The abstract must be understandable by a non-specialist academic audience.

• All graphic(s)/photo(s)/image(s) will be released in the conference program book and website with the apporiate references.


Selection & Announcement:

The winning image(s) will be selected by the conference committees and the winner(s) will be announced before or during the conference.