Advanced Alloy Materials

Anter El-Azab Purdue University USA
Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics of crystal dislocations

Konstantin Borodianskiy Ariel University Israel
Effect of nanoparticles additives in Al-based alloys

Arnold Burger Fisk University USA
Materials Discovery for Gamma-Ray and Neutron Scintillator Applications

W. L. Wang Northwestern Polytechnical University China
Liquid Phase Separation and Rapid Solidification of High-entropy CoCrFeNiCux alloys

Igor S. Golovin National Research Technological University Russia
Fe-Ga alloys from disorder to order: structure, phase transitions, properties

Yan Ming Southern University of Science and Technology China
Laser-based additive manufacturing & 3D printing of Ti-Al intermetallics as advanced, light-weight, high-temperature materials for aerospace industry

Heman Bhuyan Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile Chile
Carbide and Nitride thin films by dual RF plasma assisted Pulsed Laser Deposition process

Jiuzhou Zhao Institute of Metal Research, ChineseAcademy of Sciences China
Precipitation of droplets/particlesand formation of in situ particulate composite

Héctor Sánchez Sthepa Universidad del Valle Colombia
Manganese aluminum high abrasion resistance steels, their properties and production

Cengiz Kaya Sabanci University Turkey
Processing and properties of new generation radiation shielding nano composites

Shengqiang Ma Xi’an Jiaotong University China
Interfacial structural evolution of directional solidified alloys in liquid zinc

Elena Astafurova Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science Russia
Age-hardening and thermal-mechanical processing of V-alloying high-nitrogen steels: the perspective of superplastic behaviour

Zhongwu Zhang Harbin Engineering University China
Nanoscale precipitation-Strengthening in single and dual phase steels

Tae Geun Kim Korea University South Korea
Highly reflective Ni:AlN/Al Ohmic electrodes for AlGaN-based flip-chip UV-C LEDs

Hong Li Northwestern Polytechnical University China
Flow softening behavior and mechanism of TiAl alloy during isothermal compression