Optoelectronic Materials

Judy Wu University of Kansas USA
Printing Flexible Nanohybrids Optoelectronics

Gil Shalev Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Israel
Light trapping beyond the Yablonovitch limit with silicon surface arrays of subwavelength light funnels

Maenghyo Cho Seoul National University South Korea
Multiscale analysis and design of deforming photo-responvie polymer

George A. Stanciu University Politehnica Bucharest Romania
Nanoscale mapping of refractive index by using scattering-type Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy

Genda Chen Missouri University of Science and Technology USA
Graphene Application in Fiber Optic Sensors for Corrosion Monitoring

S. A. Nikitov Kotel’nikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences Russia
Magnonics- from GHz to Thz

Hideo Ohkita Kyoto University Japan
Ternary Blend Polymer Solar Cells with Near-IR Materials

Diing Shenp ANG Nanyang Technological University Singapore
An Ultra-Low-Power Optical Sensing Technology based on Negative Photoconductivity in Soft-Breakdown Wide Bandgap Oxides

Alexander M. Grishin KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
Biocompatible Films and Nanofibers for Bioengineering, Multimodal Bioimaging and Sensors

Hiroshi M. Yamamoto Institute for Molecular Science Japan
Molecular Switch for Light-Driven Spin Selective Filters

Ruth Pachter Air Force Research Laboratory USA
Atomic-Level Characterization of 2D Optical and Electronic Nanostructures by Theoretical Analysis

Kei Noda Keio University Japan
Anodized Metal Oxide Nanotube Arrays for Gas Phase Photocatalysis and Photoinduced High-Purity Hydrogen Prodution

Laura Rodriguez Raurell Universitat de Barcelona Spain
Luminescent Au(I) assemblies: how to modulate colors, shapes and emission properties

Yasufumi Fujiwara Osaka University Japan
Development of semiconductors intra-center photonics

Georgy Fedorov Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Russia
Graphene based terahertz detectors as tunable plasmonic interferometers

Hiroaki Matsui The University of Tokyo Japan
Infrared Surface Plasmons Based on Oxide Semicondcutors for Biochemical Sensing Platoforms

Meng Nan Chong Monash University Malaysia
Modulation and characterisation of multi-electric field in heterojunction photoanode structures for enhanced separation of photogenerated charge carriers

Guohua Xie Wuhan University China
Interdisciplinary research on organic optoelectronic materials and devices

Pratap Kumar Sahoo National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER) Bhubaneswar India
Specially engineered ZnO nanorods towards Phonon-tunnel junction devices

Rana Biswas Iowa State University USA
Novel optical and electronic phenomena in nanoplasmonic arrays

Franck Bassani Université Grenoble Alpes France
IV-IV heterostructure nanowires : advances in growth, characterization and applications

Alexander A. Chistyakov National Research Nuclear University Russia
Nanohybrid materials, based on semiconductor quantum dots, for photovoltaics

Masahiko Kondow Osaka University Japan
CirD photonic crystal laser with a high mesa waveguide for light output

Juan Carlos Salcedo Reyes Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Colombia
Improving extraction efficiency of OLEDs by a luminescent polymer embedded in a colloidal crystal matrix

Xavier Castel Université de Rennes 1 France
Transparent and conducting films for microwave applications: towards transparent antennas with high performance

Herbert Pfnur Institute for Microtechnology Germany
Nano-Optoelectronics: how suited are quasi-one dimensional arrays of atomic wires?

Tae Geun Kim Korea University South Korea
Highly reflective Ni:AlN/Al Ohmic electrodes for AlGaN-based flip-chip UV-C LEDs

Kanagasekaran Thangavel Tohoku University Japan
Emission gain narrowing in organic semiconductor single crystal